Top 2020 Gift Ideas

Christmas and Hanukkah are quickly approaching as this year comes to an end. Still have lingering gift ideas for someone in your life? Our products are one of a kind; a truly unique gift for someone to receive. A piece of beautiful material that you know exactly where it was acquired. We have exclusive material, some of which we found right here in Arizona! Many of our products are materials that we collected while out rockhounding. We offer a substantial amount of diverse elements. Ranging from rough materials, to pieces that have been cut, tumbled, and polished to a mirror effect. A beautiful Thunderegg or polished Arizona Chrysocolla specimen would be a great addition to someone’s curio cabinet or rock collection.

Looking for stocking stuffers or white elephant gifts? Check out our natural stone magnets. These magnets are made from a variety of material that we collected, tumbled for over a month, and then polished. The magnets range from Cave Creek Jasper, Serpentine, Banded Jasper, Payson Agate, and Bloody Basin Jasper. 

Our natural stone ornaments are another unique item to gift. Cave Creek Jasper collected in Cave Creek, Arizona  and Serpentine we gathered while rockhounding near Saguaro Lake, Arizona. Each ornament is one of a kind, no one piece is the same. These pieces have been sanded by hand, and then polished with diamond grit. They are hung by a piece of beautiful leather rope. Another exclusive gift to give someone. 

We have the perfect gift for your wine loving friends. Hand shaped and polished, natural stone wine stoppers are another chic gift to give someone this holiday. Our wine stoppers are made from an array of diverse material that are layered together solidly and then shaped. We do have rough stone wine stoppers, from material that we collected in Payson, Arizona. Each wine stopper is shaped and then polished by hand. We use a stainless steel stopper to prevent corrosion from the sugar in the wine. 

We also offer a variety of different materials that are sourced right here in the United States. Polished Oregon Thundereggs are breathtaking pieces that would be a great centerpiece. These specimens offer a variety of different colors and features, complementing elements of your home. Bruno Jasper collected in Idaho and transformed into beautiful cabochons that look like a delicious cup of coffee. Owyhee Jasper from Owyhee Mountains in Oregon, are known for their picturesque scenes. We also have stunning Dead Ringer from Fallon Nevada, gathered within the Dead Camel Mountains. These pieces offer energetic colors ranging from burnt orange to deep red.  

We try to create different pieces of rock specimens for anyone to enjoy. We take our time with our pieces to ensure that they are perfect, up until the moment we ship them out. We do almost everything by hand, to ensure the best quality product is the end result. We hope you will take a look at our pieces and admire the beauty that we see in each piece. If you have something specific in mind, but do not see it on the website please feel free to email us for further assistance. We will be happy to assist and supply you with any material that you may be looking for. We do create custom centerpieces, coasters, and other fun items. Just ask!