What have you been doing during Quarantine?

We know it’s been a very difficult time for everyone right now. We have been working from home since March, and Arizona has been shut down since April. After being stuck inside the house for over a month, we started to get stir crazy. We were out of options for new and fun things to do around the house. Trying to entertain our 1 year old was impossible at this point, and we were fed up. We decided to take a day trip up north to Cottonwood, Arizona to Dead Horse Ranch State Park. 

It was one of the most mentally clarifying things we have done in a while. Breathing in the fresh air and getting our blood pumping is exactly what we needed. Of course we searched for rocks during our hike in the park, and were successful in finding Fawn Jasper, Agates, and Petrified Wood. The day was a success and we left the park refreshed and motivated. We needed to get out of that house, into the wilderness and get active. The moral of my story is to assess, what have you been doing during quarantine? Watching TV, sitting on the couch, and eating? Us too, but it was taking a toll on our physical and mental health. My suggestion is to try something new; a hobby or interest you never ended up making time for. Take a walk, paint something, read a short book, or try rock hunting. Not only can rock hunting provide monetary benefits, but it engages you in physical exercise as well as mental activity. We are not saying you have to get in the mud and dig around for rocks, but on your next walk around the neighbor, keep an eye out for some possible finds. Maybe visit a state park near you or a community park. Get some fresh air, exercise, and keep your eyes out. I guarantee you will be amazed how you feel after one rock hunt experience, and how amazing would it be if you found something?

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