Apache Tear Bags


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Assorted Bags of Apache Tears in 5 counts including small, medium, and large Apache Tears.

Apache Tears are rounded pebbles of obsidian. These rounded pebbles are comprised of black volcanic glass. They form when lava flows over a mineral called Gray Perlite, while water is present. Immediate cooling paired with various alkali and water contents, result in the obsidian glass converting to perlite. Within the perlite shell lies the obsidian core (Apache Tear).

Apache Tears got their name from Apache Leap Mountain located in Superior, Arizona (About 1.5 hours from Phoenix). According to the legend, in the 1800s Apache Warriors became trapped at the top of the mountain, after tracking the U.S. cavalry. They refused to give in to their adversary and jumped to their death. It is said that the tears from their wives and children fell to the ground here, and while the Great Spirit was looking down, turned them into Apache Tears. The Great Spirit said the courage in the warriors would be remembered forever.

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